In 2023, you may play “Switch” Blackjack online.

It has been 20 years since blackjack switch first appeared online, but in that time it has slowly grown in prominence. We examine the rules of blackjack and the finest online casinos that provide this variation of the game.

Blackjack Switch: A Brief History

Geoff Hall created blackjack switch in the year 2000 and debuted it at a conference in Las Vegas.  The game was played as early as 2001, although Geoff didn’t get his patent until 2009.  The game has become so successful that it is now featured at the majority of Playtech’s online casinos throughout the world.

Blackjack Switch: How Do You Play?

Each participant now has two hands instead of one. The switch blackjack option, as suggested by the game’s name, is a unique feature that may be used by the player. In online blackjack with a switch, the player can improve their hand by exchanging the two highest cards.

The Original Agreement


The dealer distributes the cards, one to each player’s box with the face up.  After the side bets are settled, the dealer will ask each player if they want to “stick” with their current top card or “swap” it for a new one.  The dealer then proceeds with his hand in the same fashion as in standard online blackjack. The dealer does not bust if his hand totals 22, but instead pushes against the hand of the highest remaining player.

Extra Bet


After the croupier has dealt the hands in blackjack switch, players may place a side bet.  The term “super match” is another way of referring to this.  The standard number of decks for this kind of blackjack is 6, the same as for both “super fun 21” and “vegas strip” blackjack.  In a side bet using just 6 decks, winnings for a pair are paid at 1 to 1, for three of a kind at 5 to 1, for two pairs at 8 to 1, and for four of a kind at 40 to 1.

How to Flip the Switch


According to the blackjack switch regulations, players can swap their two highest cards with those of another player. If a player has a 9-5 and a 9-6 and has the choice to swap, they can improve their hand to a 9-9 and a 5-6. The player is under no obligation to make the change; doing so is only optional. When a player has two of the same card face up, the swap option is worthless. The side bet serves to restore part of the player’s advantage in these situations.

Blackjack Switch with Real Money Play


This blackjack switch version is one of the most played for real money since it offers a high return to player percentage.  It’s simple for players to play it safe, and the side bet feature is useful if bad luck is on your side.  Except for the switch option, most standard blackjack tactics still apply.


When Compared to Other Types of Blackjack, How Does Switch Fare?

The huge return to player (RTP) is the game’s most distinguishing feature. If you play the blackjack switch correctly, you may expect an astounding RTP of 99.8% on average. Because of this, the house edge at online casinos is far lower than at brick-and-mortar establishments.  The fact that you may flip your top cards around adds a little of variety to the game, which is probably why so many people enjoy it.